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There are 6 beautiful, intelligent, clean, healthy, fun playful, loving, affectionate, active, good cats looking for placement as soon as possible. They have never been outside. They were raised since babies inside a loving home. Unfortunately their mom is losing her home and has been unable to find housing where she will be able to take them. She describes them as huggers, kissers, bed buddies, and lap cats. They are good cats with big personalities once they get to know and trust you. They even come when you call their names! The cats are located around Hanover, PA. We’re willing to help with transport if placement is found out of state. If you can help in any way, please contact Irene at or 352-566-0450.

Buddha- Neutered male, 14 lb, dark grey & white, short hair, born July 2008. He has a dark grey mask white mouth and white chest, neck, tummy and paws. White collar and dark grey back. Sibling to Wolfy and Salem.

Wolfy- Neutered male, 10 lb, born July 2008, black with slightly lighter neck, chest and tummy with a small white spot on his chest & black nose. Sibling to Buddha and Salem.

Salem- Neutered male, 9 lbs, born July 2008, black & white short- hair. He has a black mask with white mouth, neck, collar, tummy, paws with black and white back and pink nose. He is crafty enough to unzip zippers! Sibling to Buddha and Wolfy.

Monkey – Neutered male, 10 lbs, born March 2010, black & white with white face, muzzle and chest, black ears, back and tail with white V design between ears and pink nose. Sibling to Ghosty and Tiger.

Ghosty – Spayed female, 7 lbs, born March 2010, dark grey head and back with some white on neck, chest, face, and paws. Sibling to Monkey and Tiger.

Tiger – Spayed female, 6 lbs, born March 2010, dark sable with white and black stripes on her head and back. Sibling to Monkey and Ghosty. from Furry Friends Network