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Update 3/1/2017. Handsome Gus (or as some call him, big, sweet, chocolate bunny) is coming along nicely with his training and is revealing more and more of himself. That being said, there is a gap in Gus’ life that we know very little about. When he was adopted and left rescue approximately a year ago, Gus was dog-social and a pretty easy going guy, although maybe a little shy. Gus is now leash reactive to other dogs (a very common problem for many dogs) when out on a walk. Also, judging by the way he walks on a leash, it seems that he had very little practice taking walks at all. The solution is simple but does take time and patience to correct. By the magic of classical conditioning, we are showing Gus that dogs on leash aren’t so bad. In just a few sessions, we are already seeing improvement. In the kennel we have observed that Gus seems to prefer calm, smaller dogs. Because safety and a right fit is our number one priority, it would be best for Gus to remain an only pet or be able to be kept separated and managed from other pets until he completes his training. During this transition time, it is also best that Gus not be in a home with small children.

Gus is a big guy. His perfect adopter will be someone who is breed savvy and not intimidated by a big bark especially while practicing his leash training. Continued guidance and proper management in uncomfortable situations will help him reach his full potential as man’s (or woman’s) best friend. He enjoys car rides and is a belly-rub enthusiast.

If Gus sounds like your perfect match please complete an application.