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Thru a trainer’s eyes:

I wish everyone could know the Gus I know. He is a gorgeous, velvety chocolate brown/black Boxer mix with a heart of gold. He has problems, yes. He is a project dog, yes. But, oh my, he has so much love to give. He has been failed over and over again. Since I started working with Gus I have discovered that he has never had any consistency in his life; nothing to count on. With firm (but always gentle) training and clear expectations, he is learning what I want from him and he has responded with exuberance. I love the face he makes when he understands the game; understands the plan. He is leash reactive but making great progress however, as a big boy, he can look intimidating. We know what his issues are and he has training plans to address them. What he doesn’t have is someone that will give him the life he deserves. He needs time, security and commitment. Due to his size and lack of socialization, only pet is best. Please consider opening your heart to this handsome hound. And if he isn’t for you, please share him.

Gus is located in Central, PA. Applications are being take by: from Furry Friends Network