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We’re looking for help with a temporary foster home for 4 cats. Their mom is homeless and currently living in her car. Her cats are living with a friend, but they can no longer stay there. She hopes to get into a position to take her cats back, but needs to find somewhere temporary for them to be safe and cared for. She reports that all four are purebred Himalayan cats. All four are fixed and updated on vaccines and have microchips. Two are on daily meds. She says she brushes them all daily to keep mats at bay. Sapphire is female, 13 years old and on meds for her sinuses. Topaz is male, 13 years old, and has viral eye herpes that needs cleaned daily. Opal is female and 8 years old. Jasper is male and 4 years old. If you can provide a temporary home to these four cats, please email Sara at
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