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Please share – Central PA. No adoption radius restriction, but you must be willing to travel to Carlisle, PA to meet and adopt. We do not transport animals to adoptive homes.

Hello Everyone, my name is Rudy. I am just over 1 1/2 years old, and weigh about 60 lbs. I have received all my core vaccines, have tested heartworm and lyme negative, and I am neutered.

My original family purchased me as a puppy, but after 5 mos. didn’t want me after they realized I wasn’t perfect. They felt I was too clumsy and may be blind, so they gave me to a nice lady who took me in and got me to a vet to be examined. She said the vet thought I might have some slight vision loss, but also thought I was deaf. He said my deafness, cocked head and clumsy side step were possible signs of something called cerebellar abiotrophy. Though nothing can be done about it, the vet said I should live a pretty normal life.

Now that I have grown and matured some, I am running fine, walking nicely while leashed and show little evidence of any deficit. There is vision loss in my left eye, and though mostly deaf, I sometimes hear certain pitches (like barking dogs, other sounds and vibrations).

My foster family describes me as a sweet and smart boy with a moderate energy level, who loves belly rubs, car rides, walks, playing tug and keep away, chewing on toys (and destroying them). I am a healthy eater, but have struggled to gain weight. My foster is trying some enzyme powder on my food to help me get more nutrition when I eat. It seems to be working so far. Yippee!

Oh, I lived with a little dog for a while and really liked trying to play with him, but he was really tiny and not a suitable playmate. Since I can’t hear, it’s hard to know if I would hurt or anger another dog when trying to play, so it is really important that any home with resident dogs not be too small, too big or dominant. Having not been exposed much to dogs my size, I am not sure what to think of them, and will need a patient person (with friendly dog friends) to help make new dog introductions safe and positive. It may even be that I would do best starting off in a home as an only dog, but hey, I am open to the right situation.

As for cats, I bark at them, but have come nose to nose with a couple and am fine (if they don’t run and dart around). No small children is best due to deafness and having not been around them much, if at all.

It would be great to have a person or people who have time and a desire to exercise, help socialize and do more training with me.

A fenced yard would be great. If spooked, scared off or I escape…you will never catch me and I can’t hear you calling out my name.

If you understand my needs and can provide a safe and happy environment for me, please apply at from Furry Friends Network