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Sunshine and Blackie are looking for new homes since their mom passed away and dad had to move to an assisted care facility.

Sunshine is approximately 7-8 years old and is just an adorable girl! Her mom used to feed a colony of stray cats but fell in love with Sunshine and brought her indoors since she was so friendly. She has these huge, beautiful eyes and is very friendly. She typically doesn’t run and hide when someone comes in the house as many cats do. While she may be quiet, she’s also very sweet and personable.

Blackie is also about 7-8 years old. He was also rescued from the colony and brought inside. Blackie can be a bit skittish when you first meet him but it may just be the adjustments to his usual routine and home life. He loved his mom and loved to sit with her, especially on her lap while she was watching tv. We think he will be just as warm and friendly once he’s in a stable environment and becomes comfortable.

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Blackie or Sunshine, please contact Sandy at 717-542-2254 or
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