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Top Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

1 They usually have a calmer temperament. Easy walks, plenty of naps, and lots of lounging around – senior pets are wonderfully mellow!

2 The puppy phase is over! Senior pets are done with teething, nipping, and destroying furniture.

3 Older pets are often already potty trained before adoption. That means less accidents and a cleaner carpet.

4 They inspire relaxation! Petting an animal has many medical benefits such as calming your heart rate and making you smile.

5 Older pets are a known entity and size – at adoption, you know exacty what you get.

6 Adopting an older pet so that he or she can live out their golden years in a stable, secure and loving environment is the ultimate act of love.

One Comment

  • Almost all of my pets have been senior pets. I even created a video for senior pets that any animal shelter can use. I highly recommend senior dogs. They surprise you with the things they know how to do and it’s fun discovering those things. Most people are afraid to adopt a senior pet because they say they won’t have them as long. Well, when you lose a pet that you adore, it’s never long enough whether you have them 15 years or 2.

    For me, I’m just glad I don’t have to walk them for miles and they love to snuggle and watch movies with me.

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