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Paisley is a wonderful young girl looking for a loving and lasting forever home. She was adopted previously but then found as a stray. Her adoptive owner did not care for her or want her back when she was found. While out on her own, we believe that Paisley had a run in with another stray cat with feline AIDS (feline FIV). When Paisley came back into our care, she tested positive for FIV.

Paisley is approximately 2 years old with a petite frame. In fact, her rescuer thought she might be a kitten but the vet estimated her age as 2 years old. Paisley is very sweet with a friendly demeanor and is very affectionate and talkative. She likes to “head bump” a lot and rub up against your legs. She enjoys being petted and purrs when she eats. She also kneads frequently when you love on her.

Please don’t let Paisley’s FIV status deter you. Cats with FIV can live normal, health lives just like other cats. Paisley is currently doing great now that she is in a caring foster home. She should not be in a home with other non-FIV cats but can be with other cats with FIV. Paisley wants nothing more than to be loved and have a good home. We know the home that Paisley finds will be just as grateful to have her as Paisley will be to live there.

This kitty has had vaccinations, de-worming, flea preventative, and been micro-chipped and altered.

Adoption fee is 1/2 off for the second kitty adopted at same time. Adoption application, phone interview, home visit, and adoption fee required (+ PA Sales tax).