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Approx DOB: November 2014


Over the past few months, all of Danika’s kittens have been adopted and they’re doing GREAT. As a result, Danika can relax because she’s no longer in “mommy mode.” She has always been a very sweet little cat, but now she’s become VERY affectionate and interactive. She loves to rub her head against mine and she loves to talk now too! Dani is such an amazing athlete and she’s always ready to play. She is so much fun to be around, and the way she sits up on her back legs to play with her mice and springs is totally adorable. And, she occasionally does a slow-motion summersault, which is the cutest thing ever! She has so much personality packed into that little package… you just can’t help but love her.

Danika is finally ready to find her forever home. Now that she’s become so affectionate and enjoys human company so much, she sometimes can get a little possessive if another cat comes over while she’s getting attention. It’s nothing more than an occasional slap to the other cat, and I think this is something that will diminish after she’s settled in her new home and she knows she will get all of the love and attention she needs. Other than that, Danika gets along very well with other cats but she’s still a little nervous around dogs.

Danika is such a gorgeous, fun, silly and loving cat… she is going to make someone VERY happy!!

Hi! My name is Danika McPurr, but my friends call me Dani. I had a human family for a while, but they moved away and left me behind with no food and no shelter, so I was on my own, living on 3rd street in Harrisburg. Then I got pregnant, and things got even harder. There were many nights that I went to sleep hungry, but I always had enough milk for my babies. I was trying to survive and keep my kittens safe, but the people there did NOT like cats, even though we never did anything bad.

One day someone started talking nicely to me and she left us lots of food! I didn’t know if I could trust her or not, but we were so hungry, I decided it was a risk we should take. It was a terrifying day when I was trapped with two of my kittens (Ricky and Stella). I didn’t know what would happen to us… and I was in total despair as my 2 other kittens (Toughie and Bandit) were left behind, with no one to keep them safe. Thankfully, we were reunited with Toughie the next day, and with Bandit the day after that. We were finally all together again, but terrified of what would happen to us next.

Over the next few weeks my kittens started to learn that people can be kind and loving too. And I began to trust that our foster mom was safe and would be kind to all of us. Our foster mom gives all of us lots of love, she plays with us every day, and she gives us hope that we will someday find a forever family that we can trust to love us and to keep us safe.

I’d like all of my kittens to be adopted before me, so I can see each of them off, and meet their new families. But when it’s my turn, I’m looking for a forever home with someone who will have time to talk to me, play with me, give me lots of love every day… and promise to never abandon me. I really don’t need much… I just need to feel safe and loved. I’m not a hyper cat, but my foster mom named me after Danica Patrick, the female racecar driver ‘cause I definitely have the need for speed! Plus, she say’s I’m the purrfect combination of extreme athlete and feminine beauty. I guess that’s true ‘cause I may be a momma cat, but I still LOVE to play and spring through the air as I take down my imaginary prey. And I am wickedly FAST.

Thank you for considering me… and if you think you might have room for two, please consider also adopting one of my kittens (Toughie McPurr, Stella McPurr, Ricky McPurr, Bandit McPurr) or our new foster roommate, Bear McPurr!

Danika is a very sweet little cat who has lived through so much in her short life, but is still willing to put her trust in people. She sits back to let her kittens take center stage when visitors are here, but she willingly comes out later to meet someone new. Danika is a calm and relaxed cat who is always ready to spring into action if anything moves. She LOVES to play, and she is wickedly fast… but she always lets her kittens have toys, food and treats first.

Danika has intense, bright green eyes and a quiet, but loving demeanor. She sometimes gets quite silly and animated too… making me laugh out loud when she starts her silly antics. She is the perfect blend of extreme athlete with elegant grace and beauty.

Danika needs a family who will be willing to give her a little time to adjust to a new home and bond with someone new. She gets along very well with other cats but is scared of dogs and immediately goes into protection mode when she hears our dogs near the foster room. I think she might be able to adjust to life with a dog, if it had a calm demeanor.

If you are looking for a gorgeous, active, and affectionate young cat who loves to play, please consider adopting Danika. If you have room for two, she would LOVE to be adopted with any of her kittens, or with her foster roommate, Bear McPurr.

This kitty has had initial vaccinations, de-worming, flea preventative, tested negative for FeLV/FIV, and been micro-chipped and altered (or will be micro-chipped and altered prior to adoption).

Adoption fee is 1/2 off for the second kitty adopted at same time. Adoption application, phone interview, home visit, and adoption fee required (+ PA Sales tax).