This is Toby! We adopted him in August, 2011 and he is quickly fitting into the groove of our family! My son wanted a boy dog so that he had reinforcements against his two younger sisters, and Toby has quickly become his best buddy! Toby is Anthony's alarm clock in the morning, smothering him with kisses to wake him up in time for school! My two daughters are enjoying Toby just as much and love to brush him and rub his belly! I take him on the trail and for long walks throughout the day. He is making friends with the neighbors and their pets as well. It's almost as though he's always been here! My husband has been taking him for runs so Toby's definitely getting plenty of exercise and sleeps really good at night! He likes to get soccer balls and bats them around with his paws and then bites them! So far that's his favorite game! He has a very sweet personality and is friendly to all! What a wonderful addition to our family and home! We are so lucky to have Toby!

The Thornton Family