What a joy our rescue has been! Stryker is a loving lab who enjoys the company of people and other dogs to the max. At just over one year, he is still a puppy at heart who loves exercise and play. We have found him to tolerate just about any situation - from driving rain to snow he still enjoys his walks and the opportunity to run with any dog who wants to play.

It is amazing how he immediately had an impact on our lives. We walk every day with Stryker, which has been very good for us. He is always affectionate, showing his love for us and our family. Young and old alike immediately want to give him “loves”, to play and just enjoy his enthusiasm for life. Maybe he should be called “Tigger” – it seems that he will bounce through life. When we are talking to people alone or with other dogs, he usually decides to take a vertical leap of 2-3 feet just to let us know he is ready to play!

“Crazy dog” keeps us laughing, coming up with new ways every day to amaze us with his antics. Water is his friend. He loves to romp in the ocean, bay or pool – and if he can run free, it is really a “trip”.

Thank you Heather, Vince, and Furry Friends. You have certainly enhanced our lives, and we think that Stryker is happy in his new home.