Hi! I'm Casey and I wanted to share my happy story with you :) I have been in my forever home for about 4 months now and life is great! I went Trick-or-treating with my little sister! She was dressed up as a pirate and I got to wear a Halloween bandana! We went to houses and my sister got candy and I got doggie treats!!! It was awesome!! I also got to go hiking in Colonel Denning State Park this past fall. It was so nice to get some exercise! I'm still working on losing the extra weight I carry around. My owners take me for a walk EVERY DAY!!! I love taking walks!! Its the best thing ever!!! I get so excited when they get my leash out, I just can't contain myself!! This winter my owners discovered how much I LOVE snow!!! Most of the time I don't like to be outside. I go potty and immediately come back in. But when there is snow on the ground I lay down and roll all around in it!! My owner has to bribe me with a treat to get me to come inside. I like to throw the snow up in the air with my nose!! I love my new family so much. Even my little sisters. I'm not really a huge fan of children but I still let them lay with me and hug me and snuggle with me. Just don't expect me to smile while they do it :) I'm so close with my family now it feels like I have been with them forever. If anyone I don't know comes up to them I will growl. And if one of my sisters is crying I am right there to make sure they are not hurt. I love my family so much and I want to make sure they are safe!! I want my past foster parents Chris and Amanda to know that I miss them and love them also!!