Beau Beau Beau Beau
Dear Furry Friends Angels (Specifically Stephanie, Beau's Foster Mom),
Beau, formerly known as Jimmy or Slim Jim, came to live with us in April 2011 and he has moved right in and made his way quickly into our hearts.  After keeping my daughter's dog for several weeks while she moved to a new area, we saw how much our other dog, Sadie, did when she had another dog to round out her "pack".  So we went onto Petfinder to help us find the right dog to share our home.  And that at times was a little difficult as I wanted to adopt all of them! Stephanie and Sharon (both fantastic foster moms who have helped me see that fostering is in my future), were so good to bring 2 of their fosters to the Mechanicsburg Petsmart for all of us to meet, including Sadie.  We created quite the spectacle in the parking lot and in the store...4 beagles hanging out together.  
After some discussion over that weekend, we happily settled on Beau and the following week we adopted him.  His demeanor is a perfect complement to our Sadie, whom we adopted in July 2009.  Beau is so easy-going and happy go lucky...always game for a walk, a car ride and a good snooze under my desk in his soft bed. 
Today we have a lot more hair in the house and a lot more love as well.  Our bed gets a little crowded at night, but they both find their places in between us snuggling to share their warmth.  And Beau's a great greeter, bellowing out his beagle alarm and then immediately seeking rubs. 
It is apparent to me every day that he was always supposed to be just took us a little time to find each other.  Having 2 dogs is the best thing we could have done....for us, for them. 
Supporting Furry Friends and a few other dog rescue organizations is very important to us.  What you do is so exceptional and I happily share your story with others and encourage them to rescue/adopt rather than buy. 
I've attached a couple of pics of Beau to let you see that his life is very good here and our lives are enriched because he is here. 
Thank you again, for everything you do.  You all are very amazing and an inspiration.  Blessings to you all.
Merry Christmas!
Lori & Keith Perkins