“ Our Dear Bailey “

      We adopted Bailey in 2005 after we lost our “ Maggie “ to a very aggressive form of cancer.  She was 12 years old and we were devastated.  From the very beginning, Bailey was really good, very sweet.  He seemed to know that we were sad and he was very loving and patient with us.  He also seemed to need to be with us as much as we needed his comfort and companionship.

     He again demonstrated his love and compassion when I lost my father this past August.  Bailey went to stay for the weekend with my parents.  We went to the shore.  My Dad was ailing with Emphysema, but found comfort in having pets around especially dogs.  They had lost their dog earlier, so they did not have a dog at the time.  Dad enjoyed the visits of my sisters dogs, too when they came to visit.  This weekend Dad got worse and Hospice was called in.  We came home to say goodbye.  Bailey was there with Dad. He kissed him on the hand to say his goodbye.  My Mom said he was a great comfort to have there with them and I know Dad really enjoyed seeing him that weekend. Having to say goodbye to my Dad was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  I can’t imagine not having Bailey there with us, to ease the pain.  I believe that some of God’s angels are animals, and Bailey has definitely been our angel watching over us. 

     Bailey has stolen our hearts.  He’s quiet, compassionate, patient and loving.  His favorite things to do are:  go for walks, ride in the car, play with  his pal “ Buddy “, our cat.  He loves to play with our son, Jesse, and sleep with our daughter, Cody.  And actually, he loves to sleep with all of us.  We are so happy to have him in our family.  

     Thanks, Furry Friends, for helping us to find a lifetime friend in Bailey.

                                      The Karstetters
                           Randy, Tammy, Cody and Jesse