General FAQs

Q: How long as Furry Friends Network been helping homeless animals?
A: Since the spring of 2001.

Q: How many successful adoptions has your organization facilitated?
A: Since the organization's inception in 2001, Furry Friends Network has facilitated the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of approximately 300 homeless dogs and cats into new homes each year.

Q: Does FFN allow people who live outside of PA adopt our animals?
A: YES! An application must be received and approved. In addition, a home visit will be done with help from a rescue in the adopter’s area.

Q: Where do you get your puppies/kittens and why do you pick these places?
A: We get our animals from various sources. Some come from shelters where they are scheduled to be killed, some come in as strays and some are surrendered by their families who no longer want them.

Q: Are all of your animals vaccinated and spayed/neutered?

Q: How do you find homes for all of your puppies/kittens?
A: Most of our adoptive homes are found through posting our animals on We also have adoption days at area PetSmart stores. There are also various events at which we feature our adoptive animals.

Q: Why do some of your animals say they are in a high kill shelter?
A: Furry Friends provides help to a few shelters out of state where there are massive overpopulation problems, so we often respond to their pleas for help. One shelter is an outdoor only facility, while another shelter uses a gas chamber to euthanize animals when the shelter gets too crowded. By placing these animals on our website, we are able to make people aware of these animals and have facilitated adoptions to homes across the country.

Q: Why can't I adopt a pet to give someone else as a gift?
A: No matter how much you think your loved one would enjoy receiving a pet as a surprise gift, you should never presume to make this decision for another person. Pets should never be an impulse purchase; it is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. Individuals and families thinking of adopting a pet should research, prepare and then, when the time is right, seek a pet who realistically complements their lifestyle, schedule and energy level. Adopting a pet is a huge emotional, financial, and time commitment, and any person taking on this responsibility must be fully prepared. It's a decision that everyone in the household should make together, when they decide they are truly ready for a new lifetime companion and family member. Pets are not inanimate objects that can be returned because they are the wrong size or color; they are living creatures that have feelings and should be members of the family.

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