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Thank you for your willingness to open up your heart and home to an animal in need.

Before you complete this application, please note that for your own pets’ protection, FFN requires that all resident animals are altered, fully vaccinated, tested for heartworm/lyme disease (dogs) / FeLV/FIV (cats) and on monthly preventatives (heartworm dogs, flea/tick dogs and cats). The status of your pets’ medical care will be verified by calling your veterinarian, so please be sure to call your veterinarian and provide permission to release the records to a FFN volunteer.

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(If you own your home but rent the lot, please include the NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE for the lot owner.)
First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Age of everyone residing in household (INCLUDING YOURSELF).*
Have you ever had primary care and financial responsibility for a pet before?*
Please list all of your pets, living and deceased and breed (e.g. dog, cat, rabbit) who lived in your household within the past 5 years. If a pet is deceased please indicate "deceased" along with the approximate date of death.*
Are your current pets spayed/neutered?*
Are your current pets up to date on vaccines?*
Is your dog on heartworm preventative?*
Has your cat been tested for FeLuk/FIV?*
Where do you keep your current pets?*
If you answered Both to the previous question, please explain.
Where do you intend to keep this pet?
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How long will this pet be alone each day (crated or otherwise unattended)*
Have you ever given up a pet up for any reason?*
If you answered Yes to the previous question, please explain why and where the pet is now.
Under what circumstances do you feel it is appropriate to give up a pet?*
Do you currently have or have you recently had any cats or kittens which have Feline Leukemia, Feline Aids or Distemper Virus OR any dogs or puppies with the Parvo or Corona Virus?*
If you answered Yes to the previous question, how do you intend to keep this pet separated from the infected pet(s)?
Have you ever fostered an animal for another organization?*
If you answered yes to the previous question, for what organization have you fostered?
Are you currently fostering for this organization?
Do you have any family members with allergies or other health conditions that may impact your ability to foster an animal?*
If you answered Yes to the previous question, please explain.
For all current and deceased pets (within past 5 years), please provide the NAMES, ADDRESSES and PHONE NUMBERS of all Veterinarians used in this timeframe. *
Please provide the NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL and RELATIONSHIP of 2 character references who do not live with you. (At least one must be a non-family member/significant other).*
Briefly explain why you would be a good foster home for an animal.*
By submitting this application, you are consenting to allow a Furry Friends Network Representative to contact your veterinarian to obtain pet history and medical information.
I certify that all information in this application is true. Furthermore, I understand that if the information contained herein is found to be false, my application will be voided and any pending adoption denied.

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