We adopted Rusty from Furry Friends in March of 2004. He is a great boy. We originally adopted him as a playmate for our other Furry Friends adoptee, Codie. As it turns out, he has served her as more than just a playmate.

Codie began having petite mal seizures about 2 years ago. When she first began having the seizures, they were so slight that we didn't even recognize them as seizures. Once they became more recognizable and rushed her to the emergency clinic, we started to realize that Rusty had been warning us prior to the seizures. On one occasion Rusty simply refused to go outside, which isn't like him. Codie only goes out if Rusty goes out, so she came back inside. Within a couple of minutes Codie had a seizure. On another instance Rusty woke up (both dogs sleep with us in bed) and started doing his "bird tweet" to wake us up. Codie had just begun to seize.

After trials with medication, Codie's seizures are under control. The many vets that we've seen during this process have warned us about the possibility that she may have them when we aren't home and that sometimes it is necessary to be very cautious of the other dog in the house, because some dogs don't know what is happening and will be aggressive to the dog that is having a seizure. We are very fortunate to have such a good boy, who alerts us that a seizure is coming and who stays by her to protect her while she is having a seizure. I remember that Rusty had to be separated from his sister because he was so protective. While we see that sometimes when he protects our kids from strangers, it is reassuring to know that he can sense and protect Codie before an episode.

Rusty and Codie are truly the best of buddies and both are fantastic pets. We adopted Codie from Furry Friends in 2002. Codie was with Furry Friends along with her brother.

Rusty is very loved and has a great home.

The Stein family