Butter's Success Story

It was a dark wintry wind that was blowing as I sat atop my dog box to compose this article---oops! that's a beginning for a Shultz's Snoopy comic strip!! We dogs sometimes get on the wrong track. This is how my "tail" goes. Here I am in Lititz, PA. with my forever Mom. After a couple of unfortunate and unstable homes, I've been "blessed" to find, thanks to FFN and Summer, a good & loving home!!

Not only do I have a good home, but I have em”barked" on a new career. I am a certified Red Cross Animal-Assisted Therapy dog. I'm getting better and learning to adapt to other people I’ve been known to be a "one person dog" so it's sometimes difficult to socialize with so many others. I think my good looks will be a big part of my success. Oh by the way, I had a name change. My mom thought my coat streaked with white resembled "butterscotch" ---- and so you guessed it, my name is "Butterscotch", "Butter" for short, which sounds a lot like my original name "Buddy". All the residents at the nursing homes think it's a good fit. And my tail, they just love my big fluffy tail!

"HAVE CHEERIOS WILL TRAVEL" We have this thing with the cheerios. They serve as "fat-free" treats, which the residents love to feed me after I "sit pretty" and then eat them out of their hands. A little sloppy, but they don't mind a bit. Please, please can I have some more to give to him? We have just completed a portion of Animal-Assisted Therapy. We have made a sweet little old lady happy, if only for just a few minutes.

Our visits take our dear "friends," (which they have become) back in time when they had dogs and the stories begin to flow. Some are amusing, some are sad, but most importantly, we have encouraged our friends to share their stories and past experiences with us. Here's where I get to lay down and take a "break"! More therapy has just taken place. All these little things that take place on our visits may not appear significant, but to these residents it means the world. They can't begin to thank us enough for the visit and want my assurance we will be back. So every month, back we go to all seven nursing homes, sometimes twice a month. Mom is in her 8th year (first six years was with my predecessor, her beloved "Maggie," but as for me, I'm entering my second year.

My Mom and I expect to be together (some residents put it as "missionaries") as long as the Good Lord's willing. As for me, I'm one happy dog. And you know this is as much therapy for me as it is for the residents, it instills in me that most human beings are humane! Thanks for listening to my "success story" and may God bless you and all my "sisters and brothers" wherever they may be.

"Butter" & Ginny

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